A feisty, 96-year-old codger was shoved down and mugged in his Queens building by a whippersnapper half his age -- and now he wants a rematch.
Alfonso Scannapieco insists that he could whup the guy who took his money, and that being nearly 100 wouldn't stop him from teaching the punk a lesson.
"I know we're going to get this guy," said Scannapieco, who survived the dustup last week without a scratch. "If I don't get him, somebody else will. If I run into him again, he's got to fight me."
Scannapieco was returning to his Woodside apartment Thursday afternoon when he encountered a man he thought was soliciting money for a funeral. The thief opened the door for the old man and got on the elevator with Scannapieco, who peeled of $5 from a roll of bills to help the guy out.

But the goon got greedy and took all the money, $95, and shoved Scannapieco to the floor.

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