ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A pair of brothers were so good at being fake cops they even fooled their neighbors, Orange County deputies told WFTV Tuesday. Now, the alleged impersonators are facing real charges.
Deputies said the two men had patrol cars, handcuffs and a gun. They were arrested when investigators said they tried to pull someone over.
Investigators said one of the suspects claimed to work for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. He said he was a "crime watch liaison." His car looked like a real police car with lights and sirens.
At the home of 49-year-old Glenn Hooper on Tuesday, no one wanted to talk about the arrest of Glenn and his older brother Gregory Hooper.
"Does he go around impersonating police officers?" WFTV reporter Jeff Deal asked someone in the home.
"No ... I'm not gonna say anymore," the person at the door said.
Glenn and Gregory are accused of impersonating police officers. They each had their own Crown Victoria, with mounted lights and sirens. Deputies said Glenn even had a microphone to talk to other drivers, a spotlight, handcuffs dangling inside, and a handgun.
"He'll drive by and hit his siren or spotlight at night. I mean, I always thought he was police. Someone told me he worked for Seminole County," neighbor Michael Goldman said.
But Glenn's fake police facade caught up with him when a driver called Orange County deputies to report that Glenn tried to pull him over. Glenn told deputies, he worked for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office as a crime watch liaison and worked security at Rachel's Gentleman's Club. A few minutes, later Gregory pulled up in his fake cop car and deputies arrested him, too.

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