Lonoke Sheriff's Department Imposter
Posted on 4/26/2006 9:00:24 PM
by Sandra Kirk

A local woman received a threatening call from a man who claims to be a lieutenant from the Lonoke County Sheriff's Department. The woman wasn't home when the call came in and the threats were all caught on her answering machine. Fox 16's Jennifer Akers reported the story.
The woman called and said she got a call from someone claiming to be Lt. Jim Kulesa. On the tape, a man identifying himself as Lt. Jim Kulesa threatened the woman and used several expletives to scare her. When Lt. Jim Kulesa got word that somebody was making threatening calls, and impersonating him, he immediately got in touch with the woman to straighten everything out.
"That wasn't me that called her, I talked to her in the past so she knew it wasn't me, but thought we needed to be aware someone was doing this," said Lt. Kulesa.
Kulesa wants the public to know that if the department ever had to call a person regarding a case they would never threaten them. "We're not going to call people and use profanity, that's not how we operate, said Kulesa.
If convicted the impersonator could be charged with harassing communications, which if convicted of more than once could land you a hefty fine and time in jail. The woman told dispatchers she received the call more than once.
Right now police are looking for the person responsible. Deputies have a few leads on who the impersonator may be, but it's taking some investigation because the call came in from a restricted number. Lt. Kulesa says if you ever receive a call from someone who claims to be with a law enforcement agency, call the agency and tell them what happened. He says, most likely the call will be bogus.