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    Thumbs up Don't make false complaints in Oz

    A burka wearing woman made a false complaint of racism after a vehicle stop.

    Thanks to the video of the stop showing the cop being fair but getting the job done, she's looking at 6 months in the clink.

    Why can't our courts have the balls they their colleagues seem to have in Oz.

    Click to see the video

    A Current Affair > Video Index
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    Serioulsy bro, I guarantee you that she will never see the inside of a cell.

    As we know.. its not what you say, but what you can prove. Sometimes what you can prove doesn't seem to matter to some anyway. My guys and I often say "I wish we had the courts to back us up like in the states". I reckon it will be appealed and knocked to a suspended sentance. I find it amazing to believe that a magistrate would impose the penalty..it most likely would never happen where I live.
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    We all think the situation is better somewhere else.

    At least you get to do it in better weather!
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    I find it interesting that it is permissible for women to unveil their faces for law enforcement yet she is using the defense that the officer tried to remove her veil and that she in fact refused to remove it for him. Beside the fact that she was unbelievably rude!

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    I am a female!!!!! LMAO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk1 View Post
    Serioulsy bro, I guarantee you that she will never see the inside of a cell.
    I hear ya but at least they considered it.
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