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    Nassau Police Union Blasts Retired NYPD Cop at Scene of Friendly Fire Death

    MYFOXNY.COM - As the mourning officially began for Nassau Police Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf, the police union is assigning blame in the friendly fire death.

    Nassau PBA President James Carver said that retired NYPD Sgt. John Cafarella is known to show up uninvited at crime scenes, and that is exactly what he did on Saturday night.

    "He was in background... being a nuisance," Carver said of Cafarella.

    Carver claims Cafarella yelled "gun" causing the confusion that led to an MTA police officer fatally shooting Officer Breitkopf
    Read the whole article: Nassau Police Union Blasts Retired NYPD Cop at Scene of Friendly Fire Death

    What can be done about a nuisance citizen who shows up and is standing in public, on the other side of crime scene tape? Until he opens his mouth or otherwise interferes is there a way to "ban" someone from scenes?

    If this guy did indeed do this what can he be charged with in NY with anything at all?
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    Wow...I would have to say that there is an opportunity for charging someone that acted in this manner. It's the same as yelling "fire" in a theater or "bomb" in an airplane. This retired officer CLEARLY knew that yelling the word "gun" is going to have an immediate response by police officers on the scene.
    Only going from what I have read above, this guy needs to be reined in, and reined in hard. At the very least, I would think that the fallen officer's loved ones would easily have a civil action against this guy if it can be proven that his behavior led to the officer's death. There's definitely no 1st Amendment defense in this matter.
    It also sucks because if this guy is showing up on scenes, then there is a further tie-up of police resources just to make sure that this guy is under control and can do nothing that could cause another situation like this, again.
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