Jeffrey Yardley's wife says he kept everything secret, including the alleged mistress who helped sell the drugs.

Police say a postal worker was stealing from veterans, taking prescription pain killers from those who served in order to make money on the side.
The wife of the suspect tell Fox59 that she had no idea what was going on, but she soon found out that the drugs were just part of the lie he was living.
"If somebody had told me three weeks ago that Jeff Yardley was doing this I would have told them they were a liar," said Donna Yardley.
Through 22 years of marriage Donna says she thought of herself and her husband Jeff Yardley as 'law and order people'. The two were even married after meeting as employees of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.
"I mean, we don't go bars, we don't smoke, we don't hang out with people who do," Donna said.
But that perception changed with a single phone call on March 2nd. Donna says Jeff told her that he'd been escorted out of the Bacon Station Post Office where he worked.
"He started by telling me that he had stolen narcotics out of VA packages," Donna said. "That he'd figured out which packages had Vicodin in them."
Donna says Jeff told her he took roughly half the prescription narcotics for himself and sold the rest.
"And I asked him how was he selling them, and he said a woman that he'd had an inappropriate relationship with had been selling them," Donna said.
In the next few minutes Donna says she learned that Jeff had been carrying on relationships with two women behind her back. She promptly moved out of the home they shared and went to police, who had already taken reports from the Post Office that 17 VA drug parcels containing drugs like Vicodin and Oxycodone had gone missing.
"He also took Cialis or something like that in order to have the affair with one of the women," Donna said.
Jeff Yardley now faces 2 counts of Dealing in a Controlled Substance (B Felony), 3 counts of Theft (D Felony), 1 count of Possession of a Controlled Substance (D Felony) and 1 count of Official Misconduct (D Felony).

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