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    Rapist Given the Axe

    Hard for me to feel any pity for the targets of his rage. Click the link for the full story.

    Ex-South African rugby star 'murders at least 3 with an axe in gang-rape revenge' | Mail Online

    Ex-South Africa rugby star 'murders at least three people with an axe in revenge for gang-rape of his daughter'

    By Stewart Maclean
    Last updated at 3:33 PM on 30th March 2011

    Attack left young girl infected with HIV
    Player accused of stalking his victims for days
    A famous former rugby player has been arrested in South Africa after allegedly butchering at least three people to death with an axe.

    A newspaper claimed the unnamed 34-year-old sportsman had launched a murderous rampage in revenge after his daughter was gang-raped and infected with HIV.

    Afrikaans daily Beeld reported that one of the star's alleged victims had been decapitated during a string of brutal attacks which happened last week near Durban in South Africa's eastern KwaZulu-Natal province.

    The un-named former South African rugby star allegedly stalked his victims around Durban for days before hacking them to death with an axe
    It is believed the man's head was found at least a mile away from his body in a separate suburb of the Indian Ocean city.

    Police spokesman Vincent Mdunge told South Africa's Sowetan newspaper the sportsman was being held in custody after being arrested yesterday.

    The star is due to appear in court tomorrow to face three charges of murder and one of attempted murder in relation to a fourth alleged victim named Khangelani Mdluli, who managed to escape.

    Lieutenant Colonel Mdunge said: 'When they pounced on him they found an axe, which we believe is the murder weapon, clothes with blood stains and a hired car that we suspect he could have used during the alleged attacks.

    'He is currently being detained in one of our police stations.

    'We can't disclose where for security reasons.

    'He will be charged formally with three counts of murder with aggravating circumstances and one of attempted murder.'

    Police said the man was arrested in a planned raid on a residential property at around 1.30am yesterday.

    He is accused of stalking his victims over several days in townships and slum suburbs around Durban before hacking them to death with an axe.

    Detectives announced details of the horrific killing spree last week and appealed for information on the brutal crimes.

    Investigating officers then said the incidents had happened between last Sunday and Wednesday in the Durban districts of Yellowood Park, Lamontville and Umbilo.

    Escape: Siyanda Khumalo says he narrowly avoided being the fourth victim of the rugby player
    Detectives said they were convinced the same man had been responsible for at least three murders and that it was likely he could have also earlier claimed a fourth victim.

    One of the dead men was named as Paulos Hlongwa, a 46-year-old whose body was found last week in Merebank.

    Police said his head was later discovered in a dustbin more than a mile away.

    The decomposing bodies of the other victims were found later last week.

    Police spokesman Anton Booysen said one of them had been almost fully-decapitated.

    He added: 'His head was hanging by nothing more than a nerve.'

    It is believed yesterday's arrest came after officers received a tip-off from members of the public.

    Local media today reported that the sportsman had played for the top-flight Blue Bulls rugby side, based in Pretoria.

    Under South African law police are not permitted to name a suspect in a crime until they have appeared in court.

    However officials indicated it was likely the star's identity could be publicly withheld even after tomorrow's scheduled hearing, in order to protect the dignity of his daughter following the speculation she had been raped.

    Meanwhile some fear the tragedy could create fresh fissures in South Africa's fragile race relations.

    The vast majority of South African rugby stars are white and it is possible the suspect could be accused of deliberately targeting black victims.

    Meanwhile, the suggestion that he was acting out of revenge for his daughter's alleged rape could spark a new debate about the effect of crime in a country where many live in constant fear of violence.

    The unnamed rugby star is thought to be an ex player of the Blue Bulls, a South African rugby union side whose Loftus Versfeld stadium was used in the 2010 football World Cup
    Blue Bulls spokesman Ian Schwartz was this morning unavailable to comment on the arrest as he was travelling with the team to New Zealand.

    The premier league side is based in Pretoria and enjoys a huge cult following among mainly-white fans, among whom it is known by its Afrikaans name Die Blou Bulle.

    The Bulls compete each year in South Africa's Currie Cup league and are one of the most successful of the country's domestic teams.

    This afternoon it was reported that the arrested former player lived in South Africa's Eastern Cape province and had been visiting relatives in Durban.

    The Cape Argus said the star's identity was known by journalists but would be withheld to protect his daughter.

    The newspaper also published an interview with a man believed to have narrowly escaped the axe killer.

    Durban resident Khangelani Mdluli, 27, told police he was walking through the city's Lamontville suburb last Tuesday when a man approached him in his car.

    In comments reported by the Argus, Mr Mdluli said the man accused him of raping his daughter before lunging at him with an axe.

    He said: 'He stopped the car, jumped out with an orange plastic bag and walked down the road towards me.

    'I continued walking but I looked at the plastic bag.

    'He said to me: 'Did you know we would ever meet? You think I'm stupid. You infected my daughter with HIV'.'

    Mr Mdluli said the man then pulled an axe out of a bag we was carrying and slammed it down towards his head.

    He said: 'As the axe came down towards my head, I ducked and it scratched my stomach.

    'I started running down the road as he followed me and swore at me.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    He should be a hero.

    not to make light of the sit.

    'Did you know we would ever meet? You think I'm stupid. You infected my daughter with HIV'.'
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    Talk about reaping the whirlwind!

    Tough shit for the douche bags who raped his daughter.

    Car 4
    I would like my country back. I used to believe that one man could never destroy this country. Not so sure anymore!

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    I think he should get a year for each murder and 6 months for the attempt.

    "It's a great life. You risk your skin catching killers and the juries turn them loose so they can come back and shoot at you again. If your honest , your poor your whole life. And , In the end , you wind up dying all alone on some dirty street. For what? For nothing. For a tin star."
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