Two Greenville Middle Academy students were charged with gambling after authorities said they were caught "flipping" during class.

Resource officer Rob Colwell had warned the two previously, so this time he followed up by arresting them, Greenville Police Lt. Mike Gambrell said Thursday.

Flipping coins has become popular with kids, Gambrell said. Rules vary, but it can be as simple as calling heads or tails and the winner gets the coin.

A teacher told the 12-year-old and 15-year-old to stop playing, but the students continued and challenged the teacher, the police report said.

If convicted of gambling in the city, the fine is $295.50 and/or a jail term of 30 days, according to Capt. Ed Blackburn, the night city commander. Juveniles involved are typically referred to Family Court, especially if the juvenile has a prior record, he said.

Gambrell said the juveniles were warned they would be arrested if they were caught flipping or gambling in the future.

Both students will have dates in family court.

Typically, a student in such a circumstance would face suspension, said Dr. Robert Palmer, the school's principal.

In this case, the school resource officer felt the students were intentionally disobeying him because he'd already spoken with them, he said. Palmer said gambling isn't a widespread problem at the school.