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    NBC investigation into BPS corruption

    Tonight, I was watching NBC Evening News and they reported on a "rash" of arrests of Border Patrol officers that have accepted drug money to look the other way when drugs come across the border. Then, they reported that only 10% of BPS applicants were polygraphed during the hiring process. I have to admit that my jaw dropped at that fact.

    I find it amazing that our federal government would be so lax as to not use one of the most common tools available to weed out people that are not proper for the job. NBC reported that 60% of that 10% failed. A BPS official stated that it is common for those NOT polygraphed to "run into trouble" with in a year or so after beginning the job.
    The report stated that the president has now required that polygraphs are given to all federal LE applicants.

    I have to admit that I was really shocked at learning that this is already not in place.

    Also, I am curious as to how many of these BPS officers that allegedly succumbed to the drug cartels were not also "assisted" in their cooperation by violence or threats against their loved ones. My heart and prayers go out to all of those BPS officers that continue to guard our nation's borders with fidelity! We owe them our thanks.
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    Its MUCH harder to get hired by a local PD or Sheriffs office than the Federal Govt. The Feds only go back 10yrs for everything, the locals go back to the beginning when looking into your background.
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    I recall a broadcast a few years back where they were talking of the "price-structure" that the cartels had set up to pay BPS agents to simply look the other way when a truck load of dope was coming through. The amount that they were willing to pay was astounding. It made me appreciate the dedication to justice that an agent must have to remain honest, and to appreciate the men and women who do the job without succumbing to the temptation.
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    I wonder if negligent hiring and negligent retention aren't part of a long term plan to unsecure the border while attempting to look tough about it? Both sides of the aisle have been pandering for that vote...
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