DELAND, Fla. -- The manager of a DeLand Dollar General store found a girl sleeping over the weekend in a back room of the store. It ended in the arrest of the girl's grandfather.
The man was arrested for allegedly abusing the 13-year-old, who was so scared she wandered the streets all night and walked a mile to the store where the manager discovered her.
On the edge of DeLand, the manager of the store told WFTV about her surprise when she found a 13-year-old girl sound asleep among boxes and crates in her supply room. When the girl woke up, she explained to deputies she walked into the store as it opened Sunday morning, ending up there after running away out of fear of her grandfather and legal guardian, 59-year-old Patrick Dougan, who she said beat her the night before in a home on King Charles Circle.
"We've had problems in this neighborhood with this guy for years," neighbor Tom Lowe said.
WFTV learned Dougan is not well-liked by some of his neighbors.
"The kids that try to cross in his yard, he cusses them. He pretty much, we've had problems for the last 10 years with this guy," Lowe said.
In a report from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Dougan's granddaughter told deputies he became irate when he found out she ate yogurt that belonged to him. She said he beat her with a broken broom handle.
Investigators believed the 13-year-old when they found cuts, bruises, and even dried blood on her body.
When investigators questioned Dougan, he claimed he only spanked her with a broken ping pong paddle because she was playing with his insulin needles and had put half-eaten yogurt packs in the pantry.

Florida Department of Children and Families took the 13-year-old away from Dougan
I'm sure they placed her with other family members who only beat her on Tuesdays and Fridays and then promptly lost her.

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