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    University professor suspended after ‘charging $150 admission fee for class on Platonic ethics (featuring lap dancing strippers)

    A university lecturer has been suspended after allegedly holding a seminar in which students received lap dances from strippers.
    Professor Jack Rappaport charged students $150 to attend the seminar on business ethics at La Salle University in Philadelphia last month.
    The exotic dancers dressed in bikinis, mini-skirts and high-heels were apparently brought in to the class of 30 pupils which including two females.
    They are then said to have performed sexual dances on a number of students and the lecturer himself, who is the professor of management at the university.
    'The strippers were doing their normal job,' one student told the City Paper.
    'I was surprised they actually gave lap dances. I thought they were just there for effect, like he (the lecturer) always said.'
    Another student added: 'Every student that went knew what they were getting themselves into.'
    Rappaport, 57, who has taught at the university for 22 years, is known for his unconventional classes. To demonstrate statistics he has taken students to place bets at horseracing events.
    The seminar at a satellite campus in Plymouth Meeting, was held to show 'the application of Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business'.

    Read more: University professor 'charged $150 admission fee for class on Platonic ethics (featuring lap dancing strippers)' | Mail Online
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    I'm really starting to wonder what is wrong with the teachers (professors) in the United States...?
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