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    New law turns threatening police into felony

    KENNEWICK It soon will be a felony to threaten a police officer, prosecutor, defense attorney, crime victim advocate and corrections officer.

    A bill introduced this year after an incident involving threats against a Kennewick police officer was passed by the House and Senate and is being signed today by Gov. Chris Gregoire.

    "If we can't keep our own personnel safe, it's hard for us to go out and keep the public safe," said Kennewick Police Chief Ken Hohenberg. "I always go back to what's on the back of our patrol cars, 'Committed to your safety.' To me, that applies internally for personnel as well as externally to the public."
    New law turns threatening police into felony | NEWS UPDATES - The News Tribune

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    Defense Attorney? I kinda liked the law till that point.
    Blessed are the the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. MATT 5:10

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    If society won't protect its protectors, who will protect society?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broke Hoss View Post
    Defense Attorney? I kinda liked the law till that point.
    I agree...!
    Arm the sheep!



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