Getting the taxi to drive you from New York to Los Angeles? Fugghetaboutit.
At least that's what the father of John Belitsky, a former taxi driver himself, said when he heard about his son's plan to pay a cab driver $5,000 to bring him and his friend Dan Wuebben from the East Coast to the West Coast in one trip.
Six days and 3,000 miles later, Belitsky put an exclamation point on the journey with an unadorned post on his Twitter page: DONE.
Writing that word might have been easy, but the trek wasn't -- at least for Mohammed Alam, the cab driver who left his crying family behind to endure several sleepless nights with a pair of strangers. But he made it, with a little help from his new friends.
One of them, Wuebben -- an English professor -- explained in a YouTube video that he didn't hesitate when Belitsky pushed what he "just thought ... was a cool idea."
"And so when (Belitsky) said I'm going to do this, are you going to do this with me, I kind of just said yes, knowing that John has a lot of ideas," Wuebben said. "I just like tagging along."
Belitsky, an investment banker, was motivated by a desire to pay tribute to his father. But he also admitted online to having Hollywood dreams.
"At the moment, the running concept is that we're going to take it to some movie people when we get there and see what happens," he said to a camera being held by Wuebben.
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