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    Wanted men hide from police in zoo

    Officials said Dallas police officers were serving a warrant on the 1200 block of Ewing for Brynell McFarland, 23, who is wanted for a probation violation on an aggravated robbery charge.
    Before a perimeter was set up, McFarland and a second man slipped out the back door and scaled a large fence that led to the south side of the Dallas Zoo.
    Dallas police evacuated the zoo and searched the zoo for several hours, finding only the second man who was lying down in a heavily wooded area.
    McFarland was believed to be hiding out in the Savanna exhibit, a habitat that houses elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and lions. At this time, McFarland is no longer believed to be in the zoo and has eluded capture.
    More here: Wanted Man Wins Hide-and-Seek at Zoo | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

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    Too bad they didn't hide in the lion enclosure. Now THAT would have been funny.
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