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    He wanted to sleep on it

    The "Hero" of the hour had to take a nap before he ordered the SEALS to attack. He forgot add that he had to contact George Soros for guidance. Lives were at stake he he had to take a nap? Reminds me of when the German Generals wanted to release the German Tanks to Normandy during the DDay Invasion, the answer was: "Der Fhurer Schlaft."

    Osama Bin Laden dead: Obama took 16 hours to make up his mind | Mail Online

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    The trigger man/woman and his/her team mates are the hero's. Everyone else are spectators.
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    Remmber there is an election coming up. Biill Clinton let Bin Laden escape before. There are enough people in that room with an agenda to leak out if Obama waffled out and cancelled the "go" signal. The military commander may have gone ahead with it as a tactical necessary move, to preserve the lives of the troops on-scene. I too, wonder whose "permission " Obama had to obtain.

    At least it ended with the bad guy getting what he had coming, regardless of the spin. Another argument that lawyer way of solving problems isn't leadership.
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    I'll give the man a pass on this one.

    I don't like him or anything he stands for, but in this case there was no urgency. We knew where the asshole was and how we were going to go kill him.

    Any President would have wanted to consider suffering the ignomy of another Operation Eagle Claw disaster vs. firing a JDAM in the dark.
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