The 38-year-old Omaha man who dressed as a pirate and armed himself with a sword was drinking and apparently suicidal when he made the 911 call that brought police to his house.
Jonathan F. Martis' mother said her son told people he wanted to die. Martis was shot by police while wielding a sword.
Ruth Martis said she was told that her son was upset when he woke up Friday and realized he had survived the shooting.
Police arrived about 6:30 p.m. Thursday after Martis reported a disturbance at his home, 3312 X St.
Martis was armed with a 3-foot-long sword, police said. Officers commanded him to drop the sword, police said, but he refused and advanced on them.
Police said Friday that Martis was yelling for officers to shoot him, lowered his sword and pointed it towards officers as he got closer.

Officer Troy Hiller first used a Taser to no apparent effect, then shot Martis. Hiller shot him once, police said

'Pirate' may have been suicidal -