FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Three women are accused in Florida with scamming people out of thousands of dollars by promising to cleanse them of evil spirits.
Federal prosecutors in Fort Lauderdale say 36-year-old Polly Evans, 32-year-old Bridgette Evans, and 22-year-old Olivia Evans are facing federal fraud charges. Court records Monday did not list lawyers for them.
Prosecutors say they promised people they could get rid of evil spirits through religious cleansing. One person was told a Rolex watch was needed to remove demons. Prosecutors say at least $59,000 was scammed from victims in the U.S. and the Caribbean nation of Anguilla.

3 accused in Fla. with evil spirit cleansing scam -

For those who happen to follow my ride a long twitter, I have to wonder if these three are friends with the lady I dealt with last night that placed a curse on her stolen property.