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    L.A. County to pay nearly $5 million in deputy's SUV crash

    The deputy was drunk when his sheriff's SUV collided with a smaller car, seriously injuring the other driver — who was high on methamphetamine and opiates.
    Accident settlement: L.A. County to pay nearly $5 million in deputy's SUV crash - latimes.com

    Wow, huge payout. The deputy was in the wrong but it sucks that a doper gets the payout.
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    Moran, a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, was convicted of drunk driving and sentenced to six months in jail. He managed to keep his job with the Sheriff's Department
    Say what??
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    ok, Deputy was legally drunk, in a unit, going to an assignment - take your shots on that one...

    Deputy and a jackhole get into a traffic crash - Jackhole tests positive for all kinds of heavy narcotics AND has said narcotics on and about his person...

    I understand that 2 wrongs don't make a right, but COME ON... $5 MILLION OF TAX PAYERS DOLLARS??????? to a transient???

    especially when (from the article) there was conflicting stories on who ran the red light that caused the traffic crash...

    charge that moron with possession, and Driving Under the Influence of Narcotics - and make him pay for the damages to the unit and lost wages to the Deputy out of his winnings from the county...

    I hate asshole administrations who throw money at problems without thinking about the precedent it is setting - that is one HELL of a pay out...

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    You think thats bad? There was a deputy at my old county that got in a fight at a bar, pulled a gun on someone (after trying to take the guy's wife home), drove drunk when fleeing the bar, got in a wreck, then fought CHP when they arrested him. He is still working and got told to not do it again. The union pulled ADA crap for him because apparently acoholism is a disability.

    Talked to the Sheriff after that. He was pissed, cause he couldn't dicsipline him. Did I mention that the deputy was an asshole? He was the source of over half the complaints filed against the deputies.
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