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    Pharmacist pleads self-defense, jury says no

    Jurors reject pharmacist’s self-defense plea; convict him of murder - Yahoo! News

    Yesterday, a jury rejected an Oklahoma pharmacist's plea that he was acting in self-defense when he killed a man in an attempted robbery, and sent him to prison for first-degree murder.

    According to Tulsa World, two employees at Reliable Discount Pharmacy testified that Jerome Jay Ersland saved their lives and was a "hero" for shooting at the two masked robbers two years ago, killing one.

    But prosecutors played the store's surveillance video to argue that he was acting in cold-blood when he shot the 16-year-old masked robber, left the store to chase the other robber, returned, grabbed another gun, and then shot the unconscious man five more times.
    vid here:

    Yeah, going back for round two was definitely a bad move for the guy.

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    Going back a second time with a different gun probably tipped the balance

    I like the comments from the public on the story about getting him first time, use a bigger gun, the robbers lost their rights when they entered the store etc. It would be the opposite here people would stick up for the oxygen thief.
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    people here are flipping out about this guy...they don't understand that the standard that applies to them is pretty close to the standard that applies to us: you can shoot when there's a threat, but when it's not a threat anymore, you can't keep on shooting.
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