CHULA VISTA A bank robber forgot a few things yesterday.

He forgot to take his ID card when he left the bank, and he forgot to check for police before trying to leave his house.

Officers had surrounded the Second Avenue home. They took the 25-year-old robbery suspect into custody 25 minutes after a holdup at Bank of America on E Street.
A man had walked up to a teller about 4:50 p.m. and demanded money while showing that he had a sheathed machete at his waist, Chula Vista police Lt. Gary Ficacci said.

The teller handed over about $2,900, and the man walked out but he left an identity card behind.

Ficacci said investigators ran the name through a computer database and found a prior arrest and a home address on Second Avenue. Officers surrounded the house at 5:15 p.m. and a few minutes later saw a man who matched the bank robber's description slip out the back door.

He was detained and then identified by the teller and other witnesses as the robber, Ficacci said. Officers found a machete and most of the bank's money in the house.