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    Congressional committee criticizes ATF operation for faciliating Mexican drug cartels' acquisition of weapons

    Documents obtained by Congressional investigators show weapons - sold under ATF's watch in Operation Fast and Furious out of the Phoenix office - have been used by at least three Mexican drug cartels: Sinaloa, El Teo and La Familia.
    In other words, Congressional investigators say the very agency charged with preventing weapons from falling into the hands of violent cartels south of the border ... instead facilitated it.
    More here: Gunwalker scandal called "perfect storm of idiocy" - - CBS News

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    Contempt charges and a Special Prosecutor

    quote from CBS:
    In response to the Oversight Committee report, the Department of Justice sent us this statement on Wednesday:
    "The Committee's report promotes unsubstantiated theories by selectively releasing excerpts of transcripts while ignoring testimony and other information. For whatever reason, the leadership of the Committee chose not to release witness testimony that makes clear that operational details relating to this investigation were unknown to senior Department of Justice officials. The Department, like the Committee, is interested in getting to the bottom of the concerns raised by ATF agents about this operation, which is why the Attorney General has asked the Inspector General to investigate the matter. The Department continues to cooperate with the investigation, but the Committee must be willing to share all of the facts." end quote

    Bravo to Mr Melson, Mr Gil, Mr. Dodson, and those ATF Agents who place truth, honesty, and their oath, above loyalty to the DOJ. The above DOJ quote "all of the facts" appears worded by a potential defendant (Holder) squandering remaining leverage and credibity to gain the inside on the oversight investigation to get names of the informants and silence them via his "Inspector General".

    Mr. Holder can have complete discovery/disclosure after he is charged with crimes.

    Holder's prior testimony consists of selective memory loss, and lawyer-speak. He defied the committee on timely providing the documents requested and those provided were late and heavily redacted. I think the Zero (Obama) and Hillary will toss Holder under the bus before it is over. Holder is too naive to figure it out i.e. to understand betrayal by the Zero and Hillary menage, they who have no conscience.

    Time for a Special Prosecutor.
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    Old People, like me, may not be around to witness the destruction of our Nation. The rest of you may not survive the collapse. We all have the sworn duty to prevent it.

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