"'Mom, don't panic,' she said to me, 'but there's a gunman going loose here and shooting around, and you must call the police because I have tried and I can't reach them.'"
The shooting rampage on Utoya Island would last well over an hour and result in the deaths of at least 68 people. A suspect, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik, is in custody and has admitted carrying out both attacks, his lawyer and a judge have said.
Bremnes said her daughter told her that she and a group of other young people from her home region of Troms were attending a meeting in the camp to discuss the Oslo bombing when terror struck in the form of a man wearing clothes bearing a police emblem.

"They were about to finish the meeting when they saw this policeman walking down the road," she said her daughter told her. "They thought he was coming to tell about the bomb explosion in Oslo. Suddenly, he turned around and started to shoot. Then they ran for their lives."
Julie and four other campers reached the water in a couple of minutes and got in -- oblivious to the chill -- and waded behind a rock, where they found a hiding place on land under an overhang.
Beginning shortly before 6 p.m. and continuing over the next two hours, a series of texts between mother and daughter provided a crucial link between them and a window into the terror that had gripped the island. The texts, written in Norwegian, were provided to CNN by Bremnes.
Julie: Mummy, tell the police that they must be quick. People are dying here!
Mother: I'm working on it, Julie. The police are on their way. Dare you call me?
Julie: No.
Julie: Tell the police that there is a madman running around and shooting people.
Julie: They must hurry!
Mother: The police know and they have had many calls. It is going well, Julie. Police are calling us.
now. Give us a sign of life every five minutes please?
Julie: OK.
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