Have you ever noticed that liberals believe in individual reform but not national reform? They are the first to say “forgive the child molester. He is so sorry for what he has done. Let loose the cop killer from death row. He writes children’s books now.” But when you are talking about this country, no sin is forgivable. America will always be evil because we once had slaves, or once believed in Manifest Destiny, or played not very nice with the Indians. We are forever evil and cannot be forgiven. Ironically the participants in national wrongs are long dead while they want to forgive not the descendants of the child molesters but the actual child molester himself.

What they fundamentally seem to be missing is that this country was designed to get better. Read the constitution and you will see that it had very little to do with America as it was in 1776. Our forefathers had the unique vision to look into the future and see this country as it should be and created a document that would inspire us to be better than we were. They knew that someday “all men are created equal” would literally apply to all men and women. The constitution was always meant to be a document to be grown into.

But we should never look upon our flag and feel anything but shame, and that shame should so cripple us we should never be able to build the will to protect ourselves against anything; We should never have stood up to the Soviet Union, we should not now try to be safe from religious extremists or defend our borders.