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    FORTY years of probation..?

    A delusional woman who relentlessly stalked a prominent Dakota County family must serve a year in jail and 40 years on probation, a judge ordered Thursday.
    That's the longest probation that Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said he's ever seen. For Judge Richard Spicer, it was a creative approach for a new breed of criminal: a cyberstalker.
    The judge told Kaley Hennessy, 26, of Lakeville, that if she contacts the family again, she'll serve an 81-month prison sentence. ( Yeah right)

    "This is just the beginning," Spicer said after the sentencing in Hastings. "The use of electronic technology is going to open the door to many more cases likes this."

    More at the link:
    Stalker will stay under court's supervision for 40 years | StarTribune.com

    With the exception of sex offenders and anyone who needs to be monitored for public safety reasons (ex: mentally ill offenders), I've always thought that the 20 yr probation sentences often handed down around here, and even the 15 and 10 yr probation sentences are a joke. Offenders on probation are typically put on double, triple, quadruple probation and more after re offending during their probationary period. I've had probation agents tell me in the past they allowed someone to successfully complete probation rather than send them to prison just to get them off their offender list because the offender wasn't able to successfully complete probation! Probation is one of the biggest jokes in the justice system, period.
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    It's amazing what probationers can get away with with zero ramifications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgg View Post
    It's amazing what probationers can get away with with zero ramifications.
    A lot more than if a Boy Scout forgets his Swiss Army knife is in his back pack while at a public skrule.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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