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    85-year-old man trapped in car for 2 days wrote note saying he wasn't committing suicide and that someone should improve the road where he had his accident

    Porter, a World War II veteran who has a back injury and gets around with a wheeled walker, was without food and had only 8 ounces of water in a bottle. Knowing he could last only so long with temperatures in the 90s, he eventually grabbed a pen and started writing on his car’s center armrest.

    “One thing I wrote, the very first, was, ‘This is an accident,’ underlined. Because I was afraid somebody might think I committed suicide,” Porter told KENS.

    He wrote that the car’s wheels had spun out, and he instructed his family to give him a closed casket at his funeral. He also wrote that his homeowner’s association “should improve (the) road.”
    more here: Trapped man, 85, wrote goodbye note before rescue – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs

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    Glad he lived through. A hero deserves a better death. I guess it wasn't his time to go.
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