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    Talking Democrats try to win the Lewisipso vote by proposing ban on giant snake imports; Republicans hiss and boo in response because they want to put snakes on a plane

    Giant pythons in the Everglades are the latest focal point in the Hill’s partisan squabble over federal regulations that House Republicans say are squeezing the nation’s job growth.

    At issue is a proposed rule from the Interior Department that would designate the Burmese python and eight other snake species as “injurious,” which would make it illegal to import them or transport them across state lines.
    The ban has been a pet cause of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, who called for Interior to take action based on estimates that 100,000 or more pythons are dwelling in the Everglades, where scientists say they feast on herons, egrets and other native species.

    The issue exploded into a media sensation six years ago after a photographer captured an image of a decapitated python that had burst after swallowing a 6-foot alligator. Some scientists have warned that the snakes might eventually spread throughout much of the U.S., with potentially suitable climate for some species existing as far north as coastal Delaware or Oregon.

    But in a report released Wednesday, Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee denounced the proposed rule as part of the Obama administration’s “regulatory tsunami.” They said the snake ban could “devastate a small but thriving sector of the economy.”

    More here: Snake, rattle, roll: GOP targets python rule - Bob King and Robin Bravender - POLITICO.com

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    Bomb the Everglades. Problem solved.
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    Maybe they are jealous cause Florida snakes are bigger than D.C. snakes.

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    A blind snake and a blind rabbit are out and about and bump into each other. After a moment of confusion they both realize the other is blind.

    The rabbit says, "Hey, all these years I'm blind and have no idea what I am, can you tell me?"

    The snake agrees and checks him out. "Well you have a fluffy tail, long floppy ears, big back feet and large front teeth. Hey, you're a rabbit!"

    The bunny is excited and grateful and the snake points out he's in the same situation and has no idea what kind of animal he is. The bunny checks him out.

    "You have a forked tongue, and you are slimy and you have no balls. Hey, you're a politician!"
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