This is a very strange story.

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Who is this man? Closing In On The Truth
Updated: 09:37, Friday May 05, 2006

The name of a mystery man who called himself Lord Buckingham after stealing a name from a baby's headstone may have been revealed.

Reports suggest his real name is Charles Albert Stopford - a former member of a US Navy intelligence unit.

The Times said the American citizen vanished from his home in Florida in 1983.

The Stopford family said they last saw Charles in April that year when he was 21 and living with his grandmother in Orlando.

The following year a man calling himself Chris Buckingham met his wife-to-be, Jody Doe, in Germany.

He had assumed the identity of Christopher Edward Buckingham, who died aged eight months in August 1963.

Using the dead baby's name, the man obtained a British passport and national insurance number.

The couple then moved to England, married and had two children, before divorcing in 1997.

The man continued to use the Buckingham title until he was stopped by immigration officials in Dover in January last year.

New security measures introduced after the 9/11 attacks found his passport matched the death certificate of the real Christopher Buckingham.

A Kent Police source told The Times officers had asked Interpol to carry out a fingerprint and DNA check against US police and military records.

Mr Stopford said: "I haven't seen my son for more than 20 years. We are still awaiting confirmation but it if is him, we will all be absolutely delighted.",00.html