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    US federal agents go to Portugal to catch fugitive who hijacked a plane and disappeared 4 decades ago

    U.S. authorities were able to locate in Portugal a fugitive accused of hijacking a plane in the name of black liberation by tracking his travel patterns, a law enforcement source said.
    George Wright, 68, had been on the run for four decades until Monday, when a manhunt spanning three continents finally caught up with him in the resort town of Sintra, near Lisbon in Portugal, where he had been living quietly.
    Authorities matched a fingerprint in a Portuguese national identification database with one that they had on file for Wright from his time in prison, according to two U.S. law enforcement officials. Then, they set up a delicate surveillance operation to make sure they had the man who had eluded them for so long, the officials added.
    More here: Source: Travel patterns, fingerprint match led to U.S. militant's arrest - CNN.com

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    i used to live there. i would have been happy to go pick him up if i could stay awhile.

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