BBC News - Nottingham asylum seeker fell from balcony 'after taunts'

A failed asylum seeker fell from the seventh floor of a Nottingham tower block after being taunted by a crowd of people, an inquest has heard.
Osman Rasul Mohammed, 27, an Iraqi Kurd, had been in Britain for almost 10 years when an application to stay in the country was rejected.
The inquest in Nottingham heard he climbed on to the railing of a balcony in a distressed state in 2010.
Coroner Maureen Casey said a "baying" crowd below called on him to jump.
The inquest heard Mr Mohammed died at Clifford Court in Radford on 25 July last year after he became very distressed about his immigration status.
I really dislike some sections of the general public at times - incidents like this do nothing to help me like them.