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    Child's gravestone stolen in Belleau, Lincolnshire

    BBC News - Child's gravestone stolen in Belleau, Lincolnshire

    A mother has discovered her young son's gravestone has been stolen from a churchyard in Lincolnshire.
    Michelle Holness's son Dion died, aged five, 12 years ago and was laid to rest at St John's Baptist in Belleau.
    Mrs Holness believes thieves targeted her dead son's granite gravestone because of its unusual design which was shaped in a heart with a gold leaf.
    Lincolnshire Police want to hear from anyone with information about the disappearence of the headstone.
    Mrs Holness said she last saw the headstone in the churchyard, near Alford, when she visited on 14 October.
    "My daughter was distraught when she first saw it," she said.
    Some sick "people" about
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    Very heartless act. Somebody needs a good ass kicking.

    Rest in peace , Dion.

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