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    Farmland dog shootings prompt call for change in law

    BBC News - Farmland dog shootings prompt call for change in law

    A Derbyshire couple have said they want the law changed to make it illegal for dogs to be shot on farmland.
    The plea from Tony and Susan Dracup, of Hartshorne, came after two of their pets were killed by a farmer.
    Farmer John Collier said the dogs had "devastated the area" and had frightened his cattle on several occasions at his Hatton farm.
    Derbyshire police said they had investigated the shooting of the dogs, but were not taking any further action.
    Farmers are legally allowed to shoot a dog caught worrying livestock.
    I'm assume rural people will agree with the farmer and urban dwellers the dog owner.

    more at link
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    I'm a dog lover that lives in the country.

    And I agree with both sides, generally.

    If it's the first occasion and the farmer can handle the problem by speaking with the dog owner, he/she shouldn't shoot the dog.

    If it's a constant problem, or the dog is actively killing/injuring livestock, or is causing them such great stress that it could result in some sort of financial hardship (knocking down fences/gates for example) I'd say the farmer has a right to shoot the dog.
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    My boss has 25 horses and 6 dogs on 40 acres. One of his neighbors shot one of his dogs because he said the dog was causing trouble on his property. The neighbor also has a variety of animals. One of my boss's horses got spooked by one of the neighbors animals and broke it's leg on a fence. Of course the horse had to be put down.

    A recent similar situation.

    they believed the case was a stray cat and it was shot to keep it away from livestock.
    Read more: Cat Shot By Teen Somehow Finds Way Home - Des Moines News Story - KCCI Des Moines
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