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    Obama breaks tradition of making APEC leaders wear silly shirts

    Fans of the APEC "silly shirts" tradition - started by US President Bill Clinton almost two decades ago - got to see none of these possible Hawaiian costumes at the forum in Ko Olina today.
    Instead, leaders were photographed together in their customary, stodgy presidential wear - ties and dark suits - not the casual, colourful Hawaiian aloha shirts many were hoping for.

    Read more: Leaders' close call with grass skirts and coconut bras - APEC costume drama is off
    Mr Obama spoke about the decision to skip the shirts at a dinner he hosted for the leaders on Saturday.
    "Two years ago, when I was in Singapore and it was announced that we would be hosting the APEC Summit here in Honolulu, I promised that you would all have to wear aloha shirts or grass skirts," Obama said.
    "But I was persuaded by our team to perhaps break tradition, and so we have not required you to wear your aloha shirts, although I understand that a few of you have tried them on for size, and we may yet see you in them in the next several days."
    While the Asia-Pacific leaders didn't don the shirts, there was plenty of aloha around.
    The APEC host committee had more than 2000 special APEC aloha shirts made for volunteers. Some Honolulu police officers assigned to crowd control also wore aloha shirts.

    Read more: Leaders' close call with grass skirts and coconut bras - APEC costume drama is off

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    The Ministry of the Silly Shirt is gone?

    What's next?

    The Ministry of Silly Walks?

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    What's the point of a Silly Shirt Czar if you don't wear the Silly Shirts?

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