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    South Yorkshire Police A57 snow response criticised

    It would appear bad weather is now also the fault of the Police

    Drivers stranded for three days as a result of heavy snow in South Yorkshire could have died as a result of the slow police response, a report has said.
    The report by the county's emergency services said South Yorkshire Police took too long to grasp the scale of the situation on the A57 last December.
    Some 200 drivers were stranded for three days as a result of the snow.
    The force welcomed the report and said its major emergency plans had since been updated.
    During the snowfall, one of the heaviest experienced in South Yorkshire for many years, motorists and lorry drivers were stuck in drifts on the A57 Worksop Road between Todwick and Worksop.
    BBC News - South Yorkshire Police A57 snow response criticised
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    Should have heeded the snow warnings.
    Plus i was forgetting how we have all those snow cats and snowmobiles at our disposal here!

    Where was the fire brigade? They call themselves "Fire and Rescue" now. Plus they have more toys than us.
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    A lot of this snarl up happened right outside Aston Fire Station.... go figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango Zulu 22 View Post
    A lot of this snarl up happened right outside Aston Fire Station.... go figure.

    Betcha they were sleeping.

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