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    Police found car chase driver in wheelie bin

    Police found car chase driver in wheelie bin | This is Nottingham

    A DANGEROUS driver was found in a wheelie bin after a police chase.
    Michael Stevenson abandoned a Renault Clio he crashed into a parked car and fled from officers.

    He climbed into the bin, Nottingham Crown Court heard, where police found and arrested him.
    Stevenson had been "beside himself" that night after he learned his partner was pregnant with another man's child, said Digby Johnson, mitigating.
    "He wanted to talk to her about the matter," he said.
    Stevenson got into his cousin's Clio and was spotted by police just before midnight on October 19 in Gregory Boulevard, Hyson Green.
    He initially stopped but sped off again.
    Prosecutor Jonathan Straw said the Clio "revved erratically" and the defendant pulled off at speed. "That led to a pursuit at speed," he said.
    Stevenson, 28, of Alfreton Road, Radford, sped over speed humps and crashed into a car near Radford Road Police Station.
    Mr Johnson said: "It's a shortish journey through a built up area.
    "He tried to make off but failed to do so. He said another person was in the car and he wanted to get away because of his own circumstances."
    His client's main mitigation was that he pleaded guilty at a very early stage.
    Stevenson had admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance and failing to provide a specimen of breath when he appeared before magistrates in October.

    If you don't know what a wheelie bin is a picture is supplied on the linked full story, the readers comments are also quite amusing at times on these kind of stories.
    "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" Edmund Burke.
    "the world is a dangerous place place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do not do anything about it" Albert Einstein

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    Dave, is this a real story or did you get ahold of a copy of the script to the next series opener of "Shameless"?

    Wow, people are strange.



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