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    BAD- Providing alcohol to minors.....WORSE- You're a Judge

    BARNESVILLE, Ga. A city court judge has been arrested in an undercover sting involving alleged misconduct with teenage girls.
    According to a statement from the Lamar County Sheriff's Office, 51-year-old Judge Aurelio Enrique Abreu is accused of providing alcohol for two 16-year-old girls whom he visited while they were alone together in a private room Friday.

    Abreu was charged with driving under the influence, violation of oath by a public officer, furnishing alcohol for underage consumption, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and permitting an unlicensed person to drive, after he allegedly let the girls drive his car in a prior incident.

    He was arrested by SWAT team members, who hid in the house.

    The sheriff's office acted on a tip it received last week and organized the covert operation.

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    What a fool.

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    Looks like the kind you person you want your 16 year olds hanging out with.

    Obedience of the law is demanded; not asked as a favor.
    Theodore Roosevelt

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    we had a judge here that got caught with a bunch of blow. he got caught cuz he was high and as he was getting ready to go thru a sobriety checkpoint, he turned around and went the other way... LOL

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    Leave it to Georgia...



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