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    Dispute over Policing costs

    Row over airport policing costs

    Protective services would not be removed from the airport
    A police force faces a 2m shortfall because an airport will not pay its full policing costs, it is claimed.
    Essex Police claims Stansted's operators have paid 5.7m of the 6.7m they owe for last year, and costs for this year remain unsettled.

    The airport said it was waiting for a decision on costs from the Department for Transport (DfT).

    Essex Police described financial negotiations with the airport as having "broken down".

    Legislation provides that airport operators should pay policing costs and the force is also waiting for the DfT decision.

    The government is also currently carrying out a national review of airport policing.

    Mr Baker and the previous chief constable, David Stevens, have been in talks with airport operator Stansted Airport Limited (STAL) over a two-year period.

    At the operational level we enjoy good relations with STAL

    Rick Tazzini

    They are seeking to recover payments for invoices issued to STAL that have not been paid in full, a police spokeswoman said.

    Mr Baker said that if STAL continued not to pay its bills, he may have to ask Essex Police Authority to consider increasing council tax by 1.4% to cover the balance.

    However, the force has said it will not remove essential protective services from the UK's third busiest passenger airport.

    Rick Tazzini, director of finance at Essex Police, said: "Financial negotiations have sadly broken down.

    "At the operational level we enjoy good relations with STAL. Our performance in tackling crime and providing reassurance is first class.

    "We simply want the money we've spent repaid by STAL."

    A statement from STAL said the dispute over the costs of policing was primarily to do with a difference of opinion over "the necessary and appropriate levels of policing" at the airport.

    "We obviously hope the situation is resolved as soon as possible," it said.


    A multi million pound business running airports is arguing with a Local Police autority over 2 million ($3729200) to ensure the safety of air travellers.

    IMO the Police should pull out close the airport and see how fast the money is found.

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    Or exercise out powers under the Terrorism Acts and Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act to really, really piss people off

    Stop searches of everybody in the airport concourse ought to do the trick. Oh, you missed your flight sir? Terribly sorry. Security you know!



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