My condolences to the Chen family. One in this family is Barney, their dog, who made this drunk driving killing newsworthy. After it he ran a mile from the scene and swam a half mile more until he found a decent man. Shame he had to go that far.

, Florida - A man kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico rescued an injured dog that was swimming offshore after fleeing when his owner was struck and killed by a car.

The bizarre and sad tale unfolded Saturday on Siesta Key, about 40 miles south of St. Petersburg, Florida.

State troopers say 53-year-old Donna Chen was jogging with her dog Barney, a Vizsla, on a sidewalk when they were struck by a car driven by 22-year-old Blake Talman. Officers said Talman had been drinking.

Barney fled, ran about a mile to the beach and started swimming. A kayaker named Rory O'Connor who was visiting his family in Sarasota found the dog in distress about a half mile offshore. He pulled the Vizsla aboard his kayak, and took Barney to a veterinarian. Later, he posted a video of the rescue on YouTube. (rest at link)