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    10-year-old boy charged with murder for accidentally stabbing his 12-year-old best friend to death while trying to stab another child

    A 10-year-old Southern California boy is in a juvenile detention center after denying in court Thursday a charge that he murdered another child, authorities said.
    The mother of the alleged victim, Ryan Carter, said on HLN's "Nancy Grace" show that the suspect was her 12-year-old son's "best friend." Lisa Carter, a registered nurse, said that her son died after stepping in front of the 10-year-old as he was trying to stab another child.
    "The things we taught him cost him his life," Carter said of her son. "We taught him don't start a fight, don't run away from a fight (and) if you see a fight ... stop it."
    More here: California boy, 10, in custody after being charged with another child's murder - CNN.com

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    Rest in peace, Ryan Carter for stepping in to protect someone else. Soak in sweat as you toss and turn you zombie brained moron for writing "alleged victim" to whichever member of the CNN Wire Staff typed those words in. When there's one dead kid on the ground there's not much question who the victim is.

    Really don't care much about the assailant. I was a rambunctious kid and never once swung a knife at anyone, no horseplay detected. At worst he'll be out by his 25th birthday, probably a decade earlier.



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