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    'Unwell' pensioner drives wrong way on motorway

    BBC News - 'Unwell' pensioner drives wrong way on motorway

    A police officer was injured at a road block which was set up to stop a 80-year-old man who had driven several miles the wrong way down the M5.
    It happened as the pensioner's car was finally brought to a halt at junction 5, near Droitwich in Worcestershire.
    The man, of south Staffordshire, drove about six miles in the wrong direction before he was stopped at about 01:30.
    Police said he appeared to have been unwell and they were looking into whether this had affected his driving.
    He was taken to hospital after being stopped. The police officer also needed treatment for minor injuries.

    Calls from alarmed members of the public also started to flood in as they witnessed the car being driven into oncoming traffic on the northbound carriageway.
    Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group were at the scene within four minutes, setting up a rolling road block around junction 5 to stop the vehicle.
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    Hope the old fella and the officer are okay.
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    Reminds me of a chase I watched on TV a couple years ago. Suspect driving like they stole it, weaving in and around traffic on the highway, speeds in excess of 100 mph, only to exit to a city street where the officers were able to pull the vehicle over. Weapons drawn, the officers ordered the driver out of the car. Out hobbles a lady, easily in her 70s, also obviously very confused. Officers holster, gently escort the lady to a cruiser, and the news cuts to something more sane. Never did hear the reason for her behavior but she had great reflexes on the open road.
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