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    Mother of two pursues bank robbers

    MURFREESBORO, Tenn. -- A Murfreesboro mother and her two preschool children were shot at after she tried to follow fleeing bank robbers, police said.

    No one was injured in Tuesday's robbery of an AmSouth Bank, but a bullet struck the car near where the woman's daughter was sitting, said Murfreesboro Police Lt. Alvin Baird.

    The 33-year-old mother, who declined to give her name, was pulling up to the bank to make a payment when she saw three men race out of the bank with a clear plastic bag of money.

    "I saw the dye bomb explode," she said.

    The woman called police and gave them a description of the car they got into, she said. Then, as she started back to her car to follow them, the robbers fired at her.

    "I saw the puff of smoke," the woman said. "I ducked and got away."

    One bullet hit the back seat passenger door of the woman's SUV near her daughter's seat. The woman said she decided to follow the robbers because she had friends who were employees of the bank.

    "I wasn't going to turn a blind eye," she said.

    The woman's description of the car and the route the robbers took after leaving the bank helped police locate all three suspects within 90 minutes of the robbery, Baird said.

    "By her giving the police a good direction of travel early on, it allowed us to have police and deputies in the area, which benefited officers in apprehending them," Baird said.

    One of the suspects was caught after he stole another man's car and the other two were apprehended in nearby Walter Hill. Their names have not been released by federal authorities, who investigate bank robberies.

    Despite the woman's help, Murfreesboro Police Lt. Carl Watkins said he doesn't recommend that witnesses chase down robbers.

    "She put her life and her children at risk," Watkins said. "I commend her, but I don't recommend it."

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    This bank is like 2 blocks from my house. I could clearly hear all the sirens and so could my doggies, they howl at the siren lol
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    "She put her life and her children at risk," Watkins said. "I commend her, but I don't recommend it."
    Man I'm glad they put that in there.

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    Yea umm, hey kids lets follow these armed felons in my supermom SUV???? WTF are people thinking
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    O RLY?? YA RLY NO WAI!!!!

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    Here is the deal people if you don't have a gun and badge stay out of it. It is rather simple .
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    Remember who you are, and where you came from. That way you never get a big head.

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    Her actions beyond calling the police were very stupid and foolish especially considering she had kids in her vehicle. WTF was she thinking?

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    She started off well by giving the description and direction of travel, but she could have gotten all of that by staying in the parking lot. She damn near got her daughter killed, I wonder if she would have thought it was worthwhile if that had happened?
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    i wonder how she would have felt if her daughter caught one in the coconut? friends are one thing family is more important.



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