A top LulzSec leader turned informant last year after he was secretly arrested, providing information to law enforcement that led to the arrests Tuesday of other top members of the hacking group, including one alleged to be deeply involved in December’s Stratfor hack, federal authorities said Tuesday.
Monsegur, an unemployed father of two, led the loosely organized group of hackers from his apartment in a public housing project in New York. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to various hacking-related charges. Documents (.pdf) in his case were unsealed in New York federal court on Tuesday. The government did not say what type of plea deal was made with Monsegur, who theoretically faces a maximum 124-year sentence.
“When he went dark and tweeted the famous Usual Suspects line about the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, I thought then he was snatched up by the FBI. Then he came back a month later and like nothing ever happened — like he took a break or just went on vacation,” Knappenberger said. “I had a conversation with someone who said ‘A little bird told me there is a reason they are not arresting Sabu’ but whenever anyone said that on Twitter, Sabu would respond with string of obscenities.”
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