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Thread: Move Over Law

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    Move Over Law

    “These are very dangerous situations and when you are driving at 65 and 70 mph and I don’t think people realize how narrow the margin of error is,” said state Sen. Matt McCoy.
    Read more: New Bill: Move Over Or Face Driver's License Suspension - Automotive News Story - KCCI Des Moines
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    Ours went into effect over two years ago and I've yet to witness anyone heading it. There are a few more who will move over half a lane, but just as many as ever who can't bring themselves to pass over that magic centerline.

    There are plenty of a-holes in the world, but I gotta believe a lot just don't understand that the law is move over a lane, not crowd left a little. Maybe some of those attention grabbing UK style PSAs would do some good, can't hurt and anything that bumps Earthshare out of the rotation is fine by me.

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    I write it every chance I get. Sometimes in the early morning, we'll do leap frog stops. One officer makes a stop, the backup officer waits for a fail to move over, then the original officer is the backup officer, and waits for another fail to move over, and so on and so forth all the way down the road.
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    I am always amazed and annoyed when I adjust my speed so that a car can move over into my lane when necessary, yet the driver doesn't move over or even slow down.

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    I have found that most truck drivers will make room to move over for me when I am conducting a traffic stop on the interstate. Most of all other vehicle drivers won't even try.
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    When it's a slow day or I'm in the slow zone, I like pulling behind guys that are already on a stop and enforcing it. In my state it's a minimum fine of $500.
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