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    Sandusky Man Arrested While On Toilet

    A Sandusky man was arrested in the most inauspicious of places on Tuesday night, the bathroom.
    According to an incident report obtained by Fox 8 News, Sandusky Police arrested 23-year-old Nicholas Ross as he sat on the toilet. He was arrested for a gun crime he allegedly committed earlier in the evening.
    Ross is believed by authorities to have shown up at a party in the 3500 block of Grant Ave. with a gun in hand after getting his face and head beaten and bloodied by a party-goer earlier in the night.
    The report states that Ross never fired the weapon as those attending the party immediately called 911 once they saw Ross with the gun. Police say he fled the scene once he was told authorities were on the way.
    Police went to a nearby home where Ross was believed to be hiding with friends and they found him in a bathroom.
    Several officers told Ross to exit the bathroom and he responded by saying that he couldn’t because he was using the facility.
    Police forcibly opened the door and arrested Ross as he reached for his pants. According to the report officers did not know at the time if he had the weapon concealed in his clothing or not.
    After officers had Ross cuffed, they discovered a loaded pistol magazine in the trash can.
    A short time later, officers discovered a black stocking hat in the back yard of a Warren Street home with a .45 caliber handgun inside.
    Police indicated in their report that there was no sign of a bowel movement in the toilet.

    Sandusky Man Arrested While On Toilet | FOX8.com

    Was there a courtesy flush?
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    Police indicated there was no sign of bowel movement in the toilet......thus decreasing the chances they arrested the wrong turd!!
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