An Auckland man has called off plans to take his two-year-old son tandem skydiving because of "media hype" surrounding the jump.
Aaron Marriott, who owns a skydiving business, planned to jump out of a plane from 2500 metres with his son Elijah on Thursday.
But following national media coverage of his plans Mr Marriott told NZ Newswire he has decided to call the jump off.
Asked what his reasons were for the change of heart, he said: "Just media hype really".
"We just wanted it to be a fun family thing."
Safety and health concerns were raised earlier about the toddler's jump.
A skydiving expert told the New Zealand Herald the freefall could cause a shift in Elijah's cerebral fluid which is found in the brain and spine.

"We'll freefall for about 10 seconds - it'd be OK if he can't really breathe for 10 seconds, but if it was a whole minute, no."

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