Apparently, you can never have enough horsepower. Ford decided to give the newest version of its Shelby GT500 Mustang 650 horsepower, 100 more than last yearís model. Thatís enough, Ford claims, to propel the GT500 to a 200 mph top speed. Why stop there, though? Shelby American will unveil a Mustang with 1,000 horsepower at Aprilís New York Auto Show.
Tuning legend Carroll Shelby, 89, may put his name on the GT500, but that car was actually developed by Fordís Special Vehicle Team (SVT). Shelby American is an independent company run by the man himself, that builds its own tweaked Mustangs. ďI want this to be the fastest car weíve ever built, and itís got to be street legal and idle like a Lincoln,Ē Shelby said. To make Shelbyís ultimate Mustang, the 5.4-liter V8 from last yearís GT500 is completely disassembled. It then gets rebuilt with a new crankshaft, rods, and pistons, as well as modified cylinder heads. Finally, the power plant is topped with a new supercharger that delivers more boost.
To give other drivers a fair warning, the front fascia gets an aggressive makeover. The Shelby 1000 also gets forged 20-inch wheels and the obligatory compliment of Shelby Cobra badges. Some modifications will be made to the suspension, but donít expect anything major. This Mustang is all about power, not finesse.
There will be two versions of the Shelby 1000: one for the street, and one for the track. The basic street version will only have 950 horsepower, but it will also meet emissions standards in all 50 states. The track-ready Shelby 1000 S/C will live up to its name with the full 1,000 ponies.