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    Parents buying teens anti-texting devices

    While the car is moving, the devices lock the mobile phone.
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    That sounds like a great app. Unfortuantley, a lot of teens are tech savvy, and could probably deactivate the app fairly easy. I still see it as a step in the right direction.
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    I see it as a tool rather than a step. As with all tools, they can be used well or poorly - in so far as this is used to correct bad behavior in good kids it'll be a success. It'll fail miserably with bad kids and half decent kids with parents who checklist their parenting with tech bandaids. The success of this, which is just a modified content filter, depends the hard work of the parents in previous years.

    As a mechanism to help good parents in their task, a highly useful tool. May its use save lives and prevent much harm.



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