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For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jim Unland and I am the current president of the San Jose Police Officers' Association. I want to introduce you to the first installment of The Epicenter. All of our associations have been on the defensive and have seen attacks on our benefits. Here in San Jose, we have unfortunately found ourselves at the epicenter of the pension reform battle. I will use this communication tool to send you updates about our fight. If you would like to receive these updates, email me at I will do my best to keep these messages succinct, relevant and timely. Make no mistake - our fight is your fight. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is on a mission to radically change the way in which police officers and other public sector workers are compensated. His crusade has brought him national and international attention. All eyes are upon him to see if he can create a roadmap around our vested rights. If he succeeds, others will copy his methods. Your future and ours rests on beating back his relentless pursuit to destroy what has been promised us. Mayor Reed and his allies on the San Jose City Council have voted to place a ballot measure before the voters of our city this June. If it passes and is implemented, San Jose police officers would see their contributions to retirement costs rise to more than 40% of their salary. COLA's could be suspended. Disability retirements would become a thing of the past. With language so restrictive, an officer who is shot and paralyzed would not be eligible for a disability retirement. To add insult to injury, that same officer would not even be guaranteed other city employment. In essence, he could be fired for having been shot and paralyzed. — Jim Unland President San Jose Police Officers’ Association