Gotta love it.

DWI Repeat Offenders

DWI Repeat Offenders Part 2 | WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA |
AYKMat Nov 3rd 2011 10:19 PM
Are you kidding me? The District Attorney's Office knows nothing about someone being charged with a crime unless they are finger printed and booked in jail. That comment is a total lack of interest about the entire story WBRZ ran. I agree that the DWI laws are complex, but for the District Attorney to blame it on this, is not even a GOOD excuse! You can't tell the public that the District Attorney's Office doesn't know about misdemeanor summons'! They prosecute them!!
News 2 Investigates: Renewed push for DWI Tracking System | WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA |

More of the one hand blaming the other. Only 1/3 of 31,000 DWI cases convicted and I doubt it was that many.