MESA, Ariz. -- In front of a Maricopa County judge Laurie Lee Kelly admitted she wasn't the world's greatest mother. But how she ended up in court is a story even Maureen Wilson can't believe - and she's a part of it!
"She says how ya'll doing? We said fine..," said Wilson.
Wilson spends most days sitting in Mesa's Evergreen Park at Country Club and 5th Street. She said she's never seen Kelly or her six-year-old daughter there, until Tuesday. Wilson said Kelly approached her, on a mission.
"'I'm going to go to the store and make some money,'" said Wilson, allegedly quoting Kelly. "'Her daughter goes, my mom's gonna go make some money.'"
That's when police say Kelly left her daughter with strangers, while she sold her body outside a nearby liquor store. Wilson said she did the only thing she felt was right.
"We threw grass on each other, we were on a skate board pretending to surf, we played on the playground - she's wonderful," Wilson said.
And so it went on for the next four hours. It was a clerk in the liquor store who realized what was going on , and called police. Once Kelly returned, she allegedly told officers she dumped her daughter to fulfill a manic need inside her. She described it as sexual rage.
"She didn't know us from nobody. We could have been molesters, pedophiles, you know what I mean," Wilson said.

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