POINT MARION (KDKA) — Dinner time at one home got out of hand when the man of the house decided that he didn’t like what was served.
It was probably not just the baked rather than fried chicken that set George Rhome off.
“He’s usually an easygoing guy,” says Rhome’s mother, Carolyn Rhome.
The dispute started in the kitchen of a home on Morgantown Street in Point Marion. Rhome’s daughter-in-law was cooking dinner.
“They didn’t do it right and George got mad,” Rhome’s girlfriend, Anna Jaggi says.
Rome’s mother says he was unhappy beginning with the peas and corn.
“It started over the vegetables because they usually put them in a bowl in the microwave,” Carolyn says.
After the chicken was served, Rhome cried foul.
“I think he was already mad about something. He said the chicken was dry,” Carolyn says.
This is when matters got physical.

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